implement sustainability in a sustainable way

We enable businesses and individuals to work more sustainably and to deliver more sustainable business results. We accompany small and medium enterprises, multinational corporations, as well as individual entrepreneurs and leaders on the way to more sustainable business.

Our particular focus is on inspiring the people in a company to become enthusiastic about the topic of sustainability and to become internal leaders of change. Working with our customers and their workforce, we help you to forge the path to the competitive advantages of sustainable business.

We present a unique combination of the scientific excellence, practical insights and consultancy insights. We offer a wide spectrum of tailored solutions for sustainable business management, sustainability assessment, stakeholder engagement, strategy development, organisational development, carbon footprint, certification and sustainability communication.

Our core competencies are:

  • The development of tailored, holistic and long-term sustainability strategies and monitoring of their effectiveness,
  • The operational implementation of sustainability strategies (introduction of a sustainability management system) with or without sustainability certification,
  • Measurement of ecological and social sustainability, environmental impact of facilities, environmental impact of product, LCAs, climate and resource management, sustainable packaging and water management,
  • The training and coaching support for your organizational development (in-house training, leadership coaching, empowerment of the individual sustainability ambassadors and teams, etc.) and the
  • Corresponding communication measures (sustainability reporting, stakeholder engagement).
What is your sustainability status? fjol-icon-measuring-sustainability

How do you initiate and organize the dialogue with your stakeholders?
What are the key issues to tackle and what is your sustainability plan?
How do you bring sustainability into the mainstream of your company?
What is your impact on the environment?
How do you measure and achieve your goals?