In order to offer our customers the most comprehensive range of services possible, in all areas of sustainability, we work together with experienced and renowned partners:

Have you always wanted to know how to sell your product or service more effectively?

We change behavior by sharpening profiles and making values visible.

We translate strategies into unique, attractive messages – verbal & visual, analog & digital.

In order to ensure maximum precision, we work on the basis of scientific evidence from semiotics and motivational research.

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Credibility and a target-oriented approach are the prerequisites for a successful sustainability communication. We work with you to identify your most important target groups and help you to present your sustainability activities in a structured, systematic and credible way. Engel & Zimmermann will show you how to communicate sustainability and environmental and social issues in a credible and target-oriented manner.

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The sustainable implementation of company health management is becoming increasingly important due to the growing demands of the working world and the demographic change in companies. Only with healthy and motivated employees will a company be able to maintain its innovative strength and competitiveness in the long term in this rapidly evolving work environment. BGPM Forum GmbH & Co. KG, with its headquarters in Lengerich, Westphalia, was founded in 2007 by the Sports Scientist Klaus Westhoff. Since then, it has developed and successfully implemented individualized company health management concepts for many small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Organization and personnel developer. Coach and mediator.

My passion? Sustainably developing the potential of people, teams and organizations.

In every organization in which people work together, there is the potential to move, shape and achieve something special. Everyone and every organization has the potential to be unique and sustainable.

I am the right person to support these processes and solutions:

  • What hidden potentials are (still) slumbering in your organization and people?
  • How can people be inspired to help shape sustainable development processes?
  • Where to start the development of a targeted transformation process?
  • How can conflicts in objectives and contradictions be made transparent, discussable, solvable?

Michael Klöfkorn | Value creation through potential development

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