The ZNU Center for Sustainable Corporate Leadership

The Center for Sustainable Corporate Leadership (ZNU) is an institute within the Faculty of Economics at the University of Witten/Herdecke. The ZNU, as an initiative from business and science, has many years of expertise in the field of practice-oriented sustainability assessment – especially in the food industry. The ZNU is active in teaching, research and training and annually organizes the Future Conference on Food. A high-level advisory board of industry and science continuously provides professional and practical impulses. The institute is financed through public research funding, by the University and by the ZNU partner companies.
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The ZNU Standard “Sustainable Economy”

The ZNU Standard, calls for and promotes the development of an integrated management system for more sustainable economic activities, explicitly in manufacturers of the food industry. The requirements of the ZNU Standard can be integrated into existing management systems or organized into a new system specially developed for the area of sustainability. The facility-specific ZNU Standard combines sustainability requirements at company and product levels. It is a B-2-B standard, which serves the more efficient exchange of information with relevant stakeholders, especially at the manufacturer / trade interface.

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