We are not only at home in the FMCG industry …

Our services have already led to innovative and sustainable, successful solutions in many companies (from medium-sized family businesses to global players).

  • Regular monitoring of more than 70 companies (manufacturers and trade) in the FMCG industry in the (further) development of their sustainability strategies – also monitoring for the certification according to the ZNU Standard
  • Implementation of more than 120 strategy workshops
  • Creation of well over 100 climate assessments at the facility and product levels and the consequent recommendations for action
  • Qualification of more than 250 executives for sustainable management through (in-house) seminars and implementation workshops
  • (Critical) support in the field of sustainability communication in various companies from the food, textile, furniture, healthcare and service industries
  • International, online-based stakeholder surveys and further stakeholder processes
  • International, multi-disciplinary trainings and workshops

Selected customer references

Stefan Kauß, Head of Sustainability/Safety, Bitburger Brewery Group

„With the support of fjol, we carried out detailed analyses of our climate and water consumption at the company and product levels. These balance sheets support us in the successful internal and external stakeholder dialogue and at the same time form the foundations of concrete innovations along the value-added chain!“

“In order to anchor the topic of sustainability successfully in the company, it is necessary to have the support of management & shareholders. It is equally important to involve the workforce in the sustainability process. Therefore, at the end of 2015, we decided to train our apprentices to become so-called Sustainability Ambassadors. We will carry out this training with all of our first-year trainees.”

Kristin Buro, Corporate Development & Sustainability, Bahlsen Group

“With the support of fjol GmbH, we are creating a living process with the employees for the further development of our sustainability strategy.”

“Together with fjol, we conducted an extensive stakeholder survey. The results are the basis for new and additional activities to increase sustainability in the company.”

Sabine Kästner, Company Spokesperson

“Thanks to the competent support and active guidance of fjol GmbH, we have efficiently and systematically worked on sustainability topics and successfully passed the certification standard ZNU Sustainable Management.”

Yvonne Klemke, Head of Quality Management | Sustainability Officer

“In cooperation with fjol GmbH, our trainees from the industrial and commercial sectors were trained as Sustainability Ambassadors for the Schwartauer plant. Even before completing the one-and-a-half-day workshop, our apprentices realized that sustainability is not just environmental protection, but much more. Our apprentices developed exciting sustainability projects in several teams, which were discussed with the management and implemented. As a result, we were able to experience sustainability at both the employee and company level.”

René Große-Vehne, Managing Partner

“As a logistics company, we take the subject of climate protection very seriously. For this reason, we have been evaluating our climate footprint with fjol for several years, in order to receive concrete recommendations for action and, last but not least, to be able to communicate our climate protection measures credibly..”

Ulrich Schweitzer, Managing Director Marketing

„Together with fjol GmbH, we have worked with the employees at various hierarchical levels and locations to develop an accepted standard of values that is now the ethical foundation of our economic activities.“

Max Pahmeyer, Head of Sustainability

„fjol GmbH offers a wide-ranging expertise, whether in climate accounting or the introduction of a sustainability management system. In workshops and personal consulting, the team has given us valuable food for thought and advice on how to become steadily more sustainable in all three dimensions of environment, economy and social topics.“

Melanie Rößner, Managing Director

“We are a family business with a very broad range of services. With their team, their knowledge and the well-built system, fjol-GmbH has managed to develop a sustainability strategy with us that fits our entire group of companies and engages and inspires our employees.”

Other selected customers, with whom we have realized various projects